Hot jazz, cool music. Cool jazz, hot music.
A jazz band
available for events around Essex, North & East London.
From 3 to 7 piece + singers

Types of Music

Jazz standards, swing, ballads, latin, blues and such. From cool to funky.From relaxed to hot.

Who's in the band

This will vary. A three piece may consist of sax, keyboard, bass; four piece add drums; five piece add trumpet or trombone; six piece add another sax.
Singers can be added to any size band.

The actual musicians will also vary. There is a pool of excellent musicians to be drawn from. Trip Hazard is no rehearsed band.
The guys/girls get together on the gig and play jazz. The unrehearsed nature gives the music an edge, an excitement, a frisson that can be lost in set bands.

What the band is not

It is not a 'function' band (although we obviously play at functions), the sort of band required to play a range of styles to suit the occasion - (Knees Up Muvver Brown, Irish Washer Woman, Gay Gordons, Hava Nagila, Okey-Cokey or whatever).  We've been there and done that. We play jazz, and that's pretty much it (well you might get a Happy Birthday out of us).

We are also not loud.

Why the name Trip Hazard?

It basically came about by accident. The band started some years ago based on primarily a group of ex-professional/semi-pro  musicians who still wanted to perform.
We played at many charity events - school fêtes, church bazaars, country shows etc. At one regular church event (regular as in every 2 years) a photographer from the local paper asked the name of the band. It didn't have one but  a cable had been run from the church to the grave yard where we were set up (don't ask) and there was a sign, pointing in our direction saying, you've guessed it, 'Trip Hazard'. At last a positive story about Health & Safety.

There is no truth to the story that band acquired its name after a couple of people tried to dance to us. Dancing is allowed provided suitable waivers have been signed.

Some of the band have also played under the banner of the  Woodford Wheezards performing, to great acclaim, at events during the annual Woodford festival.


How long is 32 bars? This depends on location, time required and so forth but £150 per musician would be a good guide.

So if you want a real jazz band for an event at home or in a hall or pub or restaurant or wherever, whether it be private, corporate or public, email for a quote giving timings, location  and nature of the event.

A few sound bites

Some live, and decidedly unrehearsed, stuff from the Woodford Festival:

Take the 'A' Train    Exactly Like You    Indiana   Satin Doll
Pennies From Heaven   Just Friends   This Can't be Love   Wave

The tracks below were recorded live, on an mp3 player/recorder, with a bunch of the guys at a jam session:

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