Web Sites

The UKPSA is a registered charity and the Webmaster role has been undertaken for free.The site includes a search engine, a bulletin board, image map and a server-side password protected section.

Target Sports Magazine, in their review of web sites (November 2001) said this about the site. "Comprehensive, sophisticated and useful site with full details of the disciplines.......How come such a relatively small organisation can provide this service and info when the 'main' target shooting organisations can't?"


Just helping to keep good music live.

Trip Hazard Jazz Band

Nick Mason Motorsport are looking for corporate partners. The objective of the site is to show the commercial advantages of being involved with this exciting sport. We were briefed in the morning and the site was up and running by the afternoon. The site features a video clip, an image map and a client-side password protected section.

Nick Mason Motorsport

We were involved in keeping the TCS Media html web site up to date.

TCS Media

A small web site for a Counselling service


Datchet Golf Club asked us to put up a few initial pages.

Datchet Golf Club

The first version of the World Wide Wealth Club site was up and running within eight days. It is, however, currently unavailable.

20/12/2009 ABP