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Due to the retirement of the proprietor Media Incorporated is no longer trading

Media Incorporated is an independent media, marketing and business consultancy.

Media Incorporated offers an unparalleled level of service, experience and expertise to its clients in the area of buying and planning advertising, skilfully combining a relaxed, calm approach to a dynamic 'make it happen', results driven philosophy.

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Media Planning.....Media Buying.....Business Consultancy

  • Media planning. Recommending where an advertiser should run their advertising: newspapers, magazines, TV, Radio, posters, internet etc.

  • Media Buying. Negotiating and implementing the media plan to achieve the lowest possible rates combined with the best possible positions.

  • Media Transactions Audit. Your media/advertising agency are totally transparent and media neutral in their media dealings on your behalf. Thus they will not object if you want to check that all negotiations, commision over-rides, credits and so forth are properly accounted for. Media Incorporated can provide this auditing service.

  • Direct response. Many ad campaigns have a response mechanism - phone number, email address, coupon - and thus the performance of the ad is measurable. To that end we developed a computerised analysis programme - PRAVDA (Phillips’s Response Analysis Vehicle for Direct Advertisers) - that measures many of the factors that affect response levels: medium, position, size, creative treatment, competitive activity etc. PRAVDA was also be used to track responders/purchasers and thus build a database.

  • Business Consultancy. Assisting companies (generally in advertising/marketing/media sphere) in bringing a product to market, raising finance, acquiring or disposing of companies/divisions. Assistance in e-commerce and building web sites. The Managing Director of Media Incorporated is an accredited adviser of the IIB (Institute for Independent Business) and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM).

    Media Incorporated has access to all the main industry research; TV viewing data, radio listenership, readership, purchasing demographics, competitive advertising expenditure etc. and the benefit of being linked to media purchasing power of £72M+ p.a.

  • Media Buying. Most media owners grant 15% ‘Agency’ commission. We generally work well within this percentage thus allowing the buying service to be used at the same or less than the cost of the advertiser going direct to the media (plus the advertiser enjoys the benefit of any discounts achieved by our negotiations). Effectively a professional service at no cost to the advertiser.

  • Media Planning. The cost of planning may be included within the media buying process or separate fees, based on time, will be charged.

  • Media Transactions Audit. Charges are usually based on time plus a percentage of any missed discounts discovered.

  • Business Consultancy. Charges are commonly based on time plus a percentage of any ‘deal’ such as a disposal or acquisition.


Background of Senior Personnel.

Alan Phillips
Career Details

    1994 to present:

    Alan Phillips set up Media Incorporated Ltd so that he could operate as an independent media, marketing and business consultant. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM) and an accredited associate of the Institute for Independent Business and has sat on their Ethics Committee. Within his client portfolio he has a major publisher for whom he has worked on a nominal two days a week basis. He was brought in to find solutions to specific problems and was subsequently involved in many aspects of their business. He has also worked on other separate projects encompassing the selling of a specialist publishing company, the purchase of publishers and the sourcing of trading partners for a publishing group and assisting in their introduction to the AIM, building web sites (he also acts as the Webmaster for a charity's site), raising finance and the sale of an ad agency. Currently, for the majority of his clients, he handles their advertising/media requirements and has worked as Media Director, on a consultancy basis, for Advertising Agencies.

    Key Achievements:

    • Successfully reorganised and motivated the advertisement sales team of 20+ people, gaining significant increases in ad revenue.

    • Selecting a computer system for the ad sales department.

    • Assisting in providing background marketing information and presentations.

    • Appraising diverse range of business opportunities and plans and making appropriate recommendations to the board.

    • A web site up and running in eight days.
    • Handling recruitment and interviewing for senior personnel e.g. Group Finance Director (Board appointment) and Group Advertisement Directors.

    • Involved with providing information and expertise to company lawyers regarding various litigation.

    1991 to 1994:

    Chairman of Marketstudy Ltd. Housed initially at Media Campaign Services and then at TCS Media.

    Key Achievements:

    • Upgraded computer hardware and software for both MCS & TCS and oversaw successful installation. Resulted in top quality documentation and presentation material and provided for regular mailings to prospects.

    • Gained a major launch of a new insurance company. Yields from advertising twice as efficient as original target.

    • Approached to write paper. Published in "Target Measurement and Analysis for Marketing" a new research journal.


    Joined Media Centre/Marketstudy which in 1976 became Phillips Russell. As chairman and majority shareholder he was involved in all aspects of the business; finance, personnel, new business development, client service as well as media and marketing. Phillips Russell reached an audited turnover of £14M and employed 30+ people compared with the first year’s £200,000 and three people. Run by a small senior team, including just three directors success was achieved based upon a style of individual service and they gained a reputation for handling challenging, complex projects and for in depth understanding of the advertising and marketing process.

    Key Achievements:

    • Took Phillips Russell to plc status.

    • Started Magpie Research and expanded it by acquisition.

    • Co-founded Key Notes the finance/market report company.

    • Co-founded Verdict Research which specialises in reporting on the retail trade.

    • Acquired a main media independent competitor, Central Media Unit and successfully absorbed it within the operation.

    • Personally designed and brought to market PRAVDA, a computerised response analysis program - still considered to be the most sophisticated system commercially available.

    • Published academic articles in Admap.

    • Appeared on Channel 4's Media Show as an expert.

    • First Media independent to have own in-house mini computer.

    • Hosted BDMA round tables on direct response.

    • Winner Media Week Business Press Awards 1990 - Financial category.

    • Acted as a Non Executive Director for Stephens Advertising Service, a subsidiary of the PE Consulting Group.


    Deputy Media Director Osborne Advertising.

    Key Achievements:
    • Leading member of new business team.

    • Admap published paper: "Geometric Mean - a simple approach to media planning".


    Media Manager Gerald Green Associates.

    Key Achievements:

    • Set up and trained staff for Manchester office.

    • Papers published in Admap on Coupon Response and correct use of media weights for computer modeling.


    Sharps Advertising. He joined as a TV time buyer and became a Media Group Head working on all media.


    Lintas. He started in the Media Evaluation department and subsequently moved to TV buying.

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