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Town Rifle & Pistol Club

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The club has a limited capacity to accept visitors so it is ESSENTIAL that you book in with the club secretary and receive positive confirmation before visiting on one of our practice days - see Fixture List

You can view the availability of visitor spaces here. Please choose a free date, then contact the Club Secretary to book that slot or request a reserve slot on your chosen date.

To speed up the ‘check in’ process and save the Secretary retyping all your data, please complete the online visitor form. Alternatively it is still possible to download and complete the old version of the visitor form. The information will be used if and when you wish to apply for probationary and then full membership.

We are using land owned by the Dartford Clay Shooting Club which is just on the south side of the Dartford crossing (see
Directions & Info).

We start shooting at 10 am and continue to mid-late afternoon, depending on time of year etc.

You need to bring ear protection and eye protection and something to eat and drink, although there is a cafeteria on site. A shotgun cartridge belt (12 gauge) is also useful.  It can be a bit muddy and uneven underfoot so stout walking boots are essential.

You must also present some form of photographic ID that shows your address, a firearms or shotgun licence is ideal, failing that both parts of a driving licence.

Ammunition is available at £7 a box of 25 at the range or bring your own (bird shot only, no larger than #5), most shooters get through between 100 and 150 rounds. You will need to pay range fees, currently £10 for visitors + £5 if you are using a club gun. 

You are permitted up to two visits before you need to decide whether to apply for membership.  At this stage you will become a Probationary Member (please complete this form), pay membership fees (£100 for the year - Aug/July - or £10 for each remaining month, October on) There are no range fees.  We expect you to try to shoot with us at least 5 times within the next 12 months during which we will monitor your safety and consider you for full membership once you have completed 5 visits within a 12 month period.

See our FAQ's for more info.