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Town Rifle & Pistol Club

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HTRPC Facts  

Practical Shotgun was started in 1995 and has rapidly grown in popularity. It is now the basis of the club, which is rapidly approaching 150 members.  

Harlow run UKPSA championship and grader competitions, twice monthly practice shoots, an Out of Hours facility, and several Safety and Range Officer (RO) instruction courses each year. 

You'll find the dates for all our shotgun meetings in the Fixture List section.

Note that Harlow Town Rifle & Pistol Club itself does not do rifle or pistol and nor is it based in Harlow. Otherwise it does what it says on the tin.


Often obtained through ‘knowing your gun,’ cartridges used and practice

Correct selection of shotgun cartridges, shot size, load and ‘knock down distance’.

The ability to load and shoot on the move develops with experience and practice

Founded in 1975

Started with Air Rifle & Small Bore Shooting

Home Office Approval in 1995

Practical Shotgun


Basic & RO Courses available

The club formed in 1975 initially, as an air gun section. As membership grew, a small bore section was started using the Key Glass rifle range. This progressed to Full Bore Shooting which is now through our association with The London Practical Shooting Club

Practical  shooting with a shotgun is where a shooter is tested in a course of fire where all the shooting skills are required to shoot down a number of targets. Accuracy is just as important as speed, as well as the ability to move with your overall plan of how to shoot the stage and implement that plan ensuring an economy of motion, time and reloading skills to achieve the maximum number of hits in the quickest time.